Bank Job

An anonymous crime lord, known only as Isaac, has hired you to break in to a local bank and drain all of the customer’s accounts using a special device. After you receive a briefing from Isaac you will begin your mission. You must work with other members of your squad to locate the hidden device and then find a way to access the bank from the bar next door.  Once inside the Bank you will have to disable or avoid the banks security measures and figure out how to access the accounts to transfer the funds to Isaac.

Gain access to the vault and its contents in fewer than 60 minutes and you will have earned your reputation in the criminal underworld and a place on our wall of success.  Go past the 60 minute mark and local law enforcement will discover you and your criminal career will be over and your photo may be in the next edition of “booked.”

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  1. Tracy Foster


    We did the Bank Job Room last night. We had a great time! The first room we entered was the most difficult (the bar) for us. I think we expected it to be super easy and it wasn’t. We still had a lot of fun although we didn’t make it out in time we got within one key. Everyone should do it once! We will definitely be back!

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