Serial Killer

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The most notorious serial killer in history has been killing women all over the world and nobody can uncover his real identity.

The media has named him the “Clueless Killer” because he leaves no evidence behind. Everyone is afraid to leave their house at night. He stalks his prey making photographic journals of their life before he kills them. Once he kidnaps a victim he tortures them for 24 hours before dumping them in public locations in London as if taunting the authorities.  Everyone is on high alert.   Nobody is safe.

He kidnaps women from all over the world and brings them back to London to torture and kill them. He is one of the most gruesome copycat killers ever and kills in every other serial killers style. The FBI needs your help to find this killer.  He is on a spree and has killed 3 women every day for the last 3 days.  A 4th has been been missing for 23 hours. You and your team have one hour to uncover any clues and reveal the killer’s identity before it is too late.

Do you have what it takes to catch a killer?

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